Staff Introduction

Welcome to the department of  Intercollegiate Athletics, Recreational Sports & USOEC . We are pleased to have you on our student concession staff.

Our goal is to add to the total event experience by proudly providing our customers with good tasting, quality food in a fast and friendly manner. As employees it is up to everyone to make sure this objective is met.  We serve a variety of people: students, community members, NMU faculty and staff, alumni, parents of athletes and even the president of NMU. It doesn't matter who we are serving. We must treat each customer with courtesy and respect. Take pride in your job and our goal will be met.

The goals of the management team are: that your tenure with concessions be long and your experience be positive. We intend to have employees who are well informed, well trained, and comfortable performing the duties of whatever position they may be assigned.  We would like to create an enthusiastic team of employees who look forward to their jobs.  Lets help each other make this a reality.

-Help each other be right-not wrong

-If in doubt-check it out.  Don't make a negative assumption about each other.

-Speak positively about each other and about concessions at every opportunity.

-Maintain a positive attitude no matter what the circumstances,

-Do everything with enthusiasm-it's contagious


We hope your experience working for this department will be positive. Have a great semester.