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Identity, Brand and Marketing is located at:
409 Cohodas Hall
Phone: 906-227-2720
Fax: 906-227-2722


Derek Hall
Assistant Vice President of Identity, Brand and Marketing



Chris Danik
Web Developer (227-1011)

Kristi Evans
News Director (227-1015)

My responsibilities include preparing news releases about NMU and distributing them to appropriate media, handling media queries, and occasionally serving as university spokesperson. I also serve as the editor of the CAMPUS e-newsletter for NMU employees and write feature stories for Horizons, the alumni magazine. Another element of my job involves media training sessions for faculty and staff. These cover the benefits of media visibility and interview tips for print and broadcast. They can be offered one-on-one or in group settings.


Mike Forester
Art Director (227-2685)

Cam Hadley
Graphic Designer (227-2759)

As university graphic designer my responsibilities include contributing visual content for the web, print and other collateral material as well as project management and prepress production. I meet with customers to assess project scope and offer design options provided by a team of full time staff and student interns cross-trained for graphic design, photography and video production.


Lucy Hough
New Media Coordinator (227-2663)

As NMU's new media coordinator, my responsibilities include oversight of all of NMU's social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, Instragram,  LinkedIn, YouTube, Tumblr, Google+ and others.  I also work with departments and units to help them with their social media strategy.  Additionally, I work with NMU's web services to help tie all of the university's electronic communications together.

Eric Johnson
Web Developer (227-2313)

My responsibilities include the design and maintenance of the university homepage, underlying pages, and other sites of interest to prospective students, current NMU community members and NMU alumni. I also administer the university's master calendar and work with departments in the university to ensure that NMU's message is clearly and consistently presented throughout its Web presence.


Josh LeClair
University Photographer (227-2720)


Kelsey Potes
Marketing Coordinator (227-1017)

Andrew Quinn
Web Systems Manager (227-1031)

My responsibilities include the implementation and management of the university-wide content management system and all supporting applications. This includes both the management of outside software products and the development of custom software for specific university needs. In addition I assist in the design, maintenance and administration of the university homepages and underlying pages, as well as other sites of interest to prospective students, current NMU community members and NMU alumni.


Suzy Swanson
Principal Secretary (227-2720)

Rebecca Tavernini
Publications Director (227-1016)

I am editor of Northern Horizons, the magazine for alumni and friends of NMU, and edit other university publications, such as the Undergraduate Bulletin and Graduate Bulletin. I am available to assist in the coordination, design, proofreading and editing of any print and electronic materials produced on campus for an external audience. I also maintain the university's graphic identity standards (proper use of university logos), editorial style guide and photographs. Please let me know how I can help you with your next project, or how you can reach 40,000 dedicated readers by advertising in Horizons.