Trevor Winterhalter Case - December 2015

Trevor W. Case of Chatham, MI., will be the Student Speaker at Northern Michigan University’s Commencement Ceremony for the graduates of 2015 on December 12.  He will graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Entrepreneurship as well as minors in Anthropology and Alternative Energies.

While taking 18 to 20 credit hours a semester at NMU, Trevor has remained active and devoted to the NMU community as well as his home community.  During the journey at Northern he has been involved in NMU Rugby and the Anthropology Club, as well as serving on the Student Conduct Board and the Student Code Review Committee for the Dean of Students office.

In the community of Chatham, Trevor spends his summer coaching the local VFW Little League team and running a small sustainable agricultural farm known as the Case Country Farm.  For the past four winters, Trevor has managed Hiawatha Slopes or “The Chatham Ski Hill.”  This business caters to skiers of all ages and abilities, and has flourished as a winter family destination under his care.

Trevor plans on continuing his work with the farm and ski hill after graduation as well as use his Entrepreneurship degree to start a snowmobile guide service.  Case Country Snowmobile Guides will cater to the tourists who visit the central Upper Peninsula looking to see the beauty of winter by way of snowmobile.

In his commencement speech, Trevor intends to reminisce about the journey through Northern while appreciating the people and experiences that made the journey so special.  He then issues a challenge to his fellow graduates: “If you really want to make change happen, take the time to make a difference, one person at a time.”