Hospital Affiliations

Courtesy Appointments

ACAP: Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor
ACI: Adjunct Clinical Instructor

Aspirus Grand View Hospital
Ironwood, Mich.
Charles Iknayan, M.D., Pathologist, ACAP, CLT Program
Dennis Aspinwall, MT (ASCP), Clinical Teaching Supervisor, ACI

Aspirus Iron River Hospital
Iron River, Mich.
Robert Anderson M.D. and Michael Merrick, M.D., Pathologists, ACAP, CLT Program
Kerri Weecks, MT (ASCP), Clinical Teaching Supervisor and Director of Lab, ACI

Aspirus Keweenaw Hospital
Laurium, Mich.
Nicole Frantti, MT (ASCP), Clinical Teaching Supervisor and Lab Manager, ACI

Baraga County Memorial Hospital
L'Anse, MI  49946
Cary Gottlieb, M.D., Pathologist, ACAP, CLT Program
Kurt Allert, MT (ASCP), Clinical Teaching Supervisor and Lab Manager, ACI

Bay Area Medical Center
Marinette, Wis.
Troy Moberg, MT (ASCP), Clinical Teaching Supervisor and Director for Laboratory Services, ACI

Beaumont Health System
Royal Oak, Mich.
Mohanpal Dulai, M.D., Pathologist, Histotechnology Program, ACAP
Sarah Britton, MS, HTL (ASCP)CM, Histology Program Director, ACI

Community Health Center of Branch County
Coldwater, Mich.
Regio T. Penna, M.D., Pathologist, ACAP
Jill Duke, MT (ASCP), MBA, Clinical Teaching Supervisor and Lab Director, ACI

Dickinson County Healthcare System
Iron Mountain, Mich.
Peter Hamel, M.D., Medical Director and Pathologist, ACAP
Mark Cristanelli, M.D., Pathologist, ACAP
Melissa Laurila, MT (ASCP), Clinical Teaching Supervisor and Supervisor
Valerie Shrek, MLS (ASCP), Clinical Teaching Supervisor and Supervisor

Essentia Health
Duluth, Minn.
Michael Scrandt, MT (ASCP), Technical Manager, ACI
Denise Miller, MT (ASCP), Clinical Practicum Coordinator, ACI

Genesys Regional Medical Center
Grand Blanc, Mich.
Art MacMillan, MT (ASCP), Acting Director and Manager, Laboratory Services, ACI

Marshfield Clinic/Joint Venture Laboratory
Marshfield, Wis.
George Rupp, M.D., Pathologist-Director, School of Cytotechnology, ACAP
Julie Seehafer, Ph.D., Laboratory Education Director, ACAP
Donald Schnitzler, BS, CT (ASCP), Cytotechnology Program Director, ACI
Katherine Gorman, BS, HTL (ASCP), Histotechnology Program Director, ACI

Mayo Clinic
Rochester, Minn.
Ed Highsmith, Ph.D., Allied Health Director, ACAP
Amy Groszbach, MS, MB(ASCP), Molecular Genetics Teaching Specialist, ACI

Memorial Medical Center
Ashland, Wis.
Dr. Keith Henry, M.D., Pathologist, ACAP, CLT Program
Barbara Yox, MT (ASCP), Clinical Teaching Supervisor, ACI
Nancy Caven, MLT (HHS), Clinical Teaching Supervisor, ACI

Mercy Health Partners
Muskegon, Mich.
Lori Speer, Laboratory Director
Annette Crevier MT (ASCP), Lab Quality/Education Coordinator, ACI

Michigan Department of Community Health
Lansing, Mich. 
Margaret Casey, Clinical Coordinator, ACI
Kelly Scott, Clinical Coordinator, ACI

Munson Medical Center
Traverse City, Mich.
Julie Richards, Program Director

OSF St. Francis Hospital
Escanaba, Mich.
Dr. Cary Gottlieb, M.D., Pathologist, ACAP, CLT Program
Diane Danhoff, Clinical Teaching Supervisor, ACI
Mark Easterwood, MT(ASCP), Lab Director, ACI

Schoolcraft Memorial Hospital
Manistique, Mich.
Karen Cirino, MT (ASCP), Lab Manager

Sparrow Hospital
Lansing, Mich.
George Maier, MT (ASCP), Administrative Director
Lori Zieleniewski, MT (ASCP), Education Director, ACI

St. Mary's Hospital Laboratory
Madison, Wisc.
Mike Baron, MBA, MS, C (ASCP), Administrative Director
Ann Dolan, MLS (ASCP), Clinical Teaching Supervisor, ACI

University of Michigan Health System
Ann Arbor, Mich.
Carol Young and Rosemary Hankerd, Microbiology Supervisors, ACI

UP Health System - Bell
Ishpeming, Mich.
John Weiss, M.D., Pathologist, ACAP
Roland Korpi, MT (ASCP), Clinical Teaching Supervisor and Lab Manager, ACI

UP Health System - Marquette
Marquette, Mich.
John Weiss, M.D., Pathologist, Medical Director/Adviser, ACAP, CLS Program
Craig Coccia, M.D., Medical Advisor, ACAP
Martin Renaldi, MT (ASCP), Clinical Teaching Supervisor and Laboratory Program Director, ACI
Steven Babcock, MT (ASCP), Supervisor, Specimen Processing Laboratory, ACI
Hilary Frayer, BS, CG(ASCP), Cytogenetics Lab Supervisor
Andrea Hales, MS, CG(ASCP), Cytogenetics Clinical Coordinator, ACI

UP Health System - Portage
Hancock, Mich.
Dr. Petio Kotov, M.D., Pathologist, ACAP, CLT Program
Richard Kangas, MT (ASCP), Clinical Teaching Supervisor and Lab Manager, ACI

War Memorial Hospital
Sault Ste. Marie, Mich.
Chunming Liu, M.D., Pathologist, ACAP, CLT Program
Mike Metrish, MT (ASCP), Laboratory Manager, Clinical Teaching Supervisor, ACI

Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene
Madison, Wis.
Dr. Daniel F. I. Kurtycz, M.D., Pathologist, Cytotechnology Medical Director
Michele Smith, MS, SCT (ASCP), Manager, Cytology Services