Faculty and Staff

Paul Mann, Ph.D., MT (ASCP)

Associate Dean and Director, Associate Professor, Clinical Education Coordinator
3513 West Science
E-mail:  pmann@nmu.edu
Phone: 906-227-2338

Catherine Bammert, MS, MB, CT(ASCP)

Assistant Professor
Clinical Laboratory Sciences
3509 West Science
E-mail: cabammer@nmu.edu 
Phone: 906-227-1660

Paula Genovese, MT(HEW/CSLT)

Instructor/Lab Manager/Clinical Education Coordinator
Clinical Laboratory Sciences
3507 West Science
E-mail: pgenoves@nmu.edu
Phone: 906-227-1663

Mary Stunkard, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Clinical Laboratory Sciences
3511 West Science
E-mail: mstunkar@nmu.edu
Phone: 906-227-1662

Janet Labron, BSRS, RT, R, M, QM, CRA

Instructor, Clinical Coordinator
Radiography Program
3503 West Science
E-mail: jalabron@nmu.edu
Phone: 906-227-2845

Shaun Thunell, D.C., M.E.d., R.T.(R)

Assistant Professor, Program Director
Radiography Program
3505 West Science
Phone: 906-227-2868

Heather Isaacson, MA, CCC-SLP

Assistant Professor
Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences
1511 West Science
E-mail:  hisaacso@nmu.edu
Phone:  906-227-1765

Helen Kahn,

Helen Kahn, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, LP

Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences
1509 West Science 
E-mail: hkahn@nmu.edu
Phone: 906-227-1121

Lori Nelson, SLP.D  CCC-SLP

Associate Professor
Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences
1505 West Science
E-mail: lnelson@nmu.edu 
Phone: 906-227-1029

Rebecca Estelle, MA

Contingent Instructor
Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences
2613 West Science
E-mail: rebresse@nmu.edu 
Phone: 906-227-1604

Aimee Larson

Special Instructor
Surgical Technology Program
1507 West Science
E-mail:  aquayle@nmu.edu
Phone:  906-227-2265

Richard A. Lopez, NREMT, CST, BSN

Instructor, Program Director
Surgical Technology Program
1513A West Science
E-mail: rlopez@nmu.edu
Phone: 906-227-1669

Teresa Bischof

Executive Secretary
3515 West Science
E-mail: tbischof@nmu.edu
Phone: 906-227-2640

Francine Sanderson

Senior Secretary
1513 West Science
E-mail:  fsanders@nmu.edu
Phone:  906-227-2125