Degree Requirements

The Master of Science in Clinical Molecular Genetics is offered to those interested in professional opportunities in clinical molecular diagnostics for healthcare, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, forensics, research and academe. Students complete online graduate courses and one week in a molecular diagnostic lab experience on campus. Students will perform research or a method verification and validation which will culminate in a Thesis or Project, respectively. The thesis or project will be presented as a seminar at the conclusion of the program.

Students will take the following courses.

CLS 520 Principles of Clinical Molecular Diagnostics 3 credits
CLS 526 Clinical Molecular Diagnostic Techniques 4 credits
CLS 536 Clinical Genetics 3 credits
CLS 541 Clinical Applications of Genomic Medicine 3 credits
CLS 543 Molecular Diagnostics in Identity Testing 2 credits
CLS 544 Molecular Diagnosis of Infectious Disease 3 credits
CLS 560 Biomedical Laboratory Operations 3 credits
CLS 563 Research Design and Methods 3 credits
CLS 570 Method Verification and Validation 4 credits
Project or Thesis
CLS 580 Project in Molecular Genetics 4 credits  or
CLS 599 Thesis in Clinical Molecular Genetics 4 credits
Total Credits: 32