CS-Health and Lab Tech Course Descriptions

Clinical Sciences

Clinical Laboratory Science - Undergraduate Courses

CLS 100 Obtaining a Blood Specimen
CLS 109 Introduction to Diagnostic Sciences
CLS 150 Phlebotomy Practicum
CLS 190 Microscopy and Laboratory Techniques
CLS 200 Urine and Body Fluid Analysis
CLS 201 Clinical Hematology/Coagulation
CLS 202 Clinical Chemistry
CLS 203 Immunohematology
CLS 204 Clinical Microbiology
CLS 213 Clinical Immunology and Serology
CLS 214 Diagnostic Microbiology
CLS 250 Clinical Practice
CLS 250A Clinical Practice
CLS 250C Clinical Practice
CLS 250G Clinical Practice
CLS 250H Clinical Practice
CLS 250M Clinical Practice
CLS 250S Clinical Practice
CLS 250T Clinical Practice
CLS 251 Clinical Hematology Practicum
CLS 252 Clinical Chemistry Practicum
CLS 253 Blood Bank Practicum
CLS 254 Clinical Microbiology Practicum
CLS 298 Directed Studies in Clinical Laboratory Science
CLS 313 Introduction to Clinical Research
CLS 380 Histotechnique I
CLS 381 Histotechnique II
CLS 382 Histotechnique III
CLS 383 Histochemistry and Pathology
CLS 384 Advanced Histology
CLS 391 Laboratory Experience
CLS 401 Hematopathology
CLS 402 Advanced Clinical Chemistry
CLS 403 Advanced Immunohematology
CLS 404 Advanced Clinical Microbiology
CLS 410 Introduction to Clinical Management
CLS 416 Cytogenetics and Molecular Diagnostics
CLS 420 Clinical Educational Practices
CLS 436 Medical Genetics
CLS 440 Advanced Clinical Bacteriology
CLS 441 Advanced Clinical Mycology
CLS 442 Advanced Clinical Parasitology
CLS 443 Advanced Clinical Mycobacteriology/Virology
CLS 451 Advanced Clinical Hematology Practicum
CLS 452 Advanced Clinical Chemistry Practicum
CLS 453 Advanced Clinical Immunohematology Practicum
CLS 454 Advanced Clinical Microbiology Practicum
CLS 460 Specimen Processing and Culture
CLS 461 Microscopic Analysis
CLS 462 FISH Technology
CLS 463 CG Specialized Tech Projects
CLS 470 DNA Purification
CLS 471 Southern Blot Analysis and Genomic Analysis Techniques
CLS 472 PCR Analysis
CLS 473 MB Specialized Tech Projects
CLS 480 Cytology Orientation
CLS 481 Tissue Cytology I
CLS 482 Tissue Cytology II
CLS 483 Tissue Cytology III
CLS 484 Applied Clinical Practicum
CLS 485 Advanced Cytology Techniques
CLS 498 Directed Studies in Clinical Laboratory Science