Respiratory Therapy Admission Requirements

Respiratory Therapy

  1. Admission Requirements
    1. Must be admitted as a student to Northern Michigan University with an overall minimum GPA of 2.50, and no less than a “C” in the following prerequisite courses: BI 201 Human Anatomy, BI 202 Human Physiology, and RSP 106 Introduction to Oxygen Therapy.  (Prerequisite classes are listed here.)  All prerequisite courses must be completed by the application deadline.  Transfer student’s courses will be evaluated by NMU as part of the evaluation process.  Transfer students must earn at least 16 credits of their prerequisites at NMU.

    2. Students shall complete the Respiratory Therapy Program application by the last day of the winter semester to be considered for the class beginning in the Fall semester.

    3. Students must have completed at least three hours of job shadowing with a Respiratory Care Practitioner.  Documentation should be attached to the application.

    4. Students must write a short (two page, typed, double spaced) essay describing or explaining their reasons for wanting to pursue a career in Respiratory Care and submit it with their application.

    5. Students need to submit the names and addresses of three references.  The applicant will give the Recommendation Form (included with the application) to their reference of choice.  Be certain to include your name, major, and graduation date on the Recommendation Form.  The confidential recommendation should be mailed by your reference directly to the School of Clinical Sciences.

    6. Students must meet the Functional Abilities required of the Program.  Please review the Functional Abilities for the Respiratory Therapy Program in the School of Clinical Sciences Policy Manual.