Didactic and Clinical Grading Scale

Didactic Instructor Responsibilities

Radiography studentsThe didactic instructor will:

  1. Follow and support program curriculum and objectives.
  1. Develop, review, revise course syllabus and time sequence for student learning.
  1. Deliver educational information in a supportive manner to facilitate student learning
  1. Evaluate student progress in a didactic course of instruction
  1. Provide written documentation for assessments and evaluations with students.
  1. Work with faculty in formal assessments of students.
  1. Maintain objectivity when assessing students.
  1. Provide positive reinforcement to students in the educational continuum.
  1. Communicate with faculty assigned to clinical course regarding student performance and integration of didactic instruction into the clinical practicum.
  1. Be a positive role model.
  1. In the absence of faculty, be available to address immediate concerns of the student.
  1. In the absence of faculty, monitor adherence to program policies:
    1. attendance
    2. tardiness
    3. dress code
    4. schedules
    5. code of ethics
  1. Attend all program meetings.
  1. Provide input for change.
  1. Work in accordance to contractual agreement between program and agency.
  1. Educate the department staff of program policies, procedures and changes.
  1. Maintain student confidentiality.
  1. Be a liaison between students and department staff.


Revised 7/12