Educational Continuum

The Faculty/Student Educational Continuum

Faculty instruction is a process that changes to meet the needs of the student as they progress and become self-reliant. All students will receive equitable learning opportunities but may not be directed in the same manner. A student will be assessed for knowledge and skill levels with instruction adjusted to fit the needs of the individual. Faculty will provide direction and motivation for student learning, but it is the student’s responsibility to process, apply and retain materials provided, shifting the ownership of the outcome of the educational experience to the student.







Faculty Responsibility

Define what, how, when, where, why

Specify what, how, when, where, why

Suggest requirements and resources

Confront Issues

Ask questions

Foster self-discovery

Interpret need is available for help if required

Student Responsibility



Follow directions

Study course material and relationships

Ask questions

Retain material

Clarify requirements and  resources

Make decisions

Find own answers

Begin to take ownership

Make own path

Demonstrate self-reliance

Demonstrate self- confidence

Ownership of Outcome


Faculty Owns


Faculty and Student Ownership

Student Owns