NMU Classroom Overview

In the ten buildings where classes are held, there are at least 210 instructional spaces, each having a WIFI signal strong enough to accommodate for instructors and students. 112 of these rooms seat at least 30 students.

There are 63 general use classrooms [can be scheduled for multiple disciplines]. All are fitted with technology for projecting images and sound from one's laptop computer.

There are 14 tiered classrooms, 10 of which are considered lecture halls with a seat count of at least 90. The largest lecture hall, Jamrich 102, seats 501.

There are 58 labs covering the gamut of arts and sciences.

There are 28 departmental classrooms, 16 of them are fitted with technology for projecting sound and video.

There are 3 distance learning facilities, the largest of which is Mead Auditorium, seating 100.