Student Safety Rules

Students are expected to learn and adhere to the following safety guidelines to ensure a safe laboratory environment for the student and the people he/she may be working near. Students who fail to follow any safety rule may be asked to leave the lab or suffer grading penalties.

Once the student reviews the Safety Notes and Department Policies below, he/she must sign the Safety Notes and Department Policies Signature Sheet.   By signing this sheet, the student acknowledges that he/she has read, and understands all aspects of the Department of Chemistry’s Safety Rules and Policies and releases Northern Michigan University and the Department of Chemistry of any and all liability.


  • No student shall work in a laboratory outside of regularly scheduled classes without written permission from their instructor.
  • Guests are not permitted in the laboratory.
  • No student shall work in a laboratory alone without written permission.
  • Any student with medical concerns should seek the advice of a physician before attending labs.


  • Wear approved safety goggles at all times.  If you should get a chemical in your eyes, flush with water in an eye wash station for 15 to 20 minutes and notify the instructor.
  • Confine long hair whenever in the laboratory.
  • Feet must be adequately covered.  Open toed shoes or sandals are not permitted in the laboratory.
  • Clothing must cover your torso and thighs.  Coverage of the entire leg is preferred.
  • Keep benches free from clutter.  Backpacks, coats and personal items must be put away.
  • There will be NO eating or drinking in the laboratory, this includes chewing gum.
  • Use of any tobacco products in the laboratory is prohibited.
  • In case of spills, injury, fire, or any other unsafe situation notify the instructor immediately.
  • Familiarize yourself with the lab (equipment, chemicals) before class.  The instructor will discuss potential hazards before beginning the experiment.
  • Note odors of chemicals only when told to do so, then waft the fumes only.
  • Never mouth a pipette, use a rubber bulb.
  • Never use an open flame to heat organic solvents.
  • Never leave an experiment that requires the use of heat or running water unattended.
  • Do not remove chemicals, glassware, or equipment from the laboratory.
  • Report all spills or broken glass immediately.  Clean up as instructed by the lab instructor
  • Do not use broken or chipped glassware.
  • Dispose of broken glass in the glass disposal boxes only.
  • Do not put paper in the broken glass disposal boxes.
  • Use glycerin when inserting glass tubing or thermometers into rubber stoppers.
  • Do not perform unauthorized experiments in the lab.