Student Research Projects

student researchShaley Valentine is a Freshman Fellow who presented her work at the 2013 Celebration of Student Research and Creative Works and received first place in the undergraduate poster competition. She worked along with Dr. Suzanne Williams from chemistry (pictured left with Shaley in the photo) on a project doing DNA testing of commercial fish food samples to determine if the food labels accurately described the actual source of the food. Interestingly enough they did not. Shaley is a zoology major with a chemistry minor and this past summer has working on a research project at the University of North Florida.

student researchMadeline Neubauer (right) was part of the NMU Freshman Fellows program for the2012-2013 academic year. As part of her fellowship, she worked on a research project with Mark Paulsen. Her project studied the denaturation of the protein cytochrome c in response to chemical denaturants and changes in pH. She used florescence spectroscopy to monitor the unfolding of the protein.