Statistics of Student Majors

The Chemistry Department offers four undergraduate degrees and houses the pre-pharmacy program:

In the lab


  • American Chemical Society-approved chemistry (CHCS)
  • Biochemistry (BIOC)
  • Forensic biochemistry (FBIC)
  • Secondary education chemistry major (SECH)
  • Pre-Pharmacy (PHAR)

Current enrollments (as of fall 2012) are:

Major Number of Students
CHCS   33
BIOC   46
FBIC   43
SECH   2
Pre-pharmacy   19


  • Chemistry (CHEM)
  • Chemistry/Group Science (GRCH)
  • Chemistry/Secondary Education (SECH)
Minors Number of Students
CHEM   85
GRCH   2
SECH   14

Gender data

About 54 percent of our majors are female and 46 percent male.

Graduation Statistics

For the last eight years about 40 percent of our graduates have gone onto graduate programs in chemistry or biochemistry.

Career Choices

The career choices of our most recent graduates have been:

Field Number of Graduates
Graduate school   6
Chemical industry job   2
Medical, dental or pharmacy School   1