New Gas Chromatography Instrument

NMUs Forensic Biochemistry program continues to grow in popularity within the chemistry department. This new gas chromatography instrument allows students like Katelin (above) to determine if a sample contains illegal drugs.

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New Equipment in Chemistry Department

New to the Chemistry department this year are two pieces of equipment, a thermal cycler (pictured left) which amplifies DNA extracted from human sources, and a genetic analyzer which sizes and quantifies it. Together they can be used to decipher whether DNA in two different samples is identical or a match.

Research Team Publishes Article

NMU chemistry major Caitlin Cienkus was part of a research team studying the compound 2-[(1-{[3-(dimethylazaniumyl)proplyl]- methylamino}ethylidene)azaniumyl]- nonahydro-closo-decaborate dimethyl sulfoxide disolvate, along with NMU professor Tom Getman and Michigan Tech professor Rudy Luck. The team published an article on their work in the chemistry journal Acta Cryst. Cienkus' role in the project was to prepare the compound and obtain crystals for analysis. Full article.

Poster Competition

Chemistry students Kaitlyn VanderPloeg (left) and Katelyn Pershinke (right) won first place in the recent poster competition. Their poster was on the "Analysis of Components in Little Bluestem Seed Exudate Responsible for Bisphenol-A Degradation".

Poster Competition

Grace Orstad, a biochemistry major (left) and Leslie Schmeling, biology major (right) worked together and placed second in the recent poster competition. Their poster discussed the antioxidants in beets. 

Student Research Projects

NMU’s chemistry department prides itself on its student involvement in laboratory research. These projects include detecting explosives, synthesizing a replacement for tin hydride and developing anions in boron compounds. Check out current student research here.

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Academic Program Videos

Student talking about Biochemistry Students talk about their experiences and opportunities within the majors of Chemistry.



Forensic Biochemistry

Pre-Pharmacy Program

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Chemistry Student Safety Notes

Students are expected to learn and adhere to the safety guidelines as outlined by the Chemistry department. Click here for safety notes.