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Standing Committee Assignments for 2014-2015

Nomination Requests:

CEC may request nominations and fill vacancies on all Academic Senate Standing Committees as the need arises, subject to Senate approval.  Members of the General Education Council are elected by the AAUP faculty.

To be placed on an Academic Senate standing committee for service beginning in Fall 2016, please complete the Faculty Preferences Survey which will be made available early in the winter 2016 semester.  All AAUP faculty are eligible for service.

Additional Information Regarding Nomination Requests:

  • The CEC will use your preference information to make nominations for vacancies on the nine committees listed on the home page. If the Senate approves the nominations, then the new members will start work in the fall (or immediately for midterm replacements).
  • To find out more about the activities of the various committees, see the link to Senate Committees on the Academic Senate page. Terms on all senate committees are for three years, and each committee has nine AAUP members.
  • Committee membership is governed by the Senate Bylaws, which can be reached from the "Senate Bylaws" link of the Academic Senate web page -- see article 7.

Additional Information for Current Members:

  • If you are currently on a committee and wish to serve a second term, there is a way to indicate that on the preference survey.
  • If you are not sure when your term is up, or would like to know the membership of a committee at present, use the "Committees" link above.