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Past Career Chats with Alumni:

Winter Semester - 2017

February 2017 - #7: Mr. Mylan Murphy

Mylan Murphy graduated from NMU, first in 2012 with his Bachelor’s in Entertainment and Sports Promotion, and then in 2014 with his Master’s in Psychology – Training, Development, and Performance Improvement. While in school, Mylan was on the NMU Men’s Basketball team, had several internship opportunities, and worked in the NMU Marketing & Communications office, first as an intern, then as a graduate assistant.

Mylan currently owns his own digital media company called OriginTD, based out of Akron, Ohio. He works with a wide variety of clients to promote their “products, services, and branding of individuals, companies, and organizations.”

Check out the YouTube link above to find out about Mylan’s path!

Additional Resources: OriginTDemail Mylan, and more info about the FLAME Program.  


January 2017 - #6: Mr. Tyler Tichelaar

Tyler Tichelaar graduated from NMU with a Bachelor of Science in English with a minor in History, and a Master of Arts in English. He went on to get his Ph.D. in English – British Literature, 19th Century from Western Michigan University. Since then, he’s had experience teaching university English classes such as composition, argumentative writing, and British literature.

Tyler is the author of twelve books and counting, including The Marquette Trilogy, Spirit of the North, My Marquette, Arthur's Legacy, and "Willpower", a play. He owns a publishing company called Superior Book Productions, and works as a professional editor and proofreader.

Tune in to find out more about his suggestions for handling rejection, how to balance writing and publishing, learn what editors and publishers do, and more.

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Fall Semester - 2016

December 2016 -  #5: Mr. Jeremy Vore

Jeremy Vore graduated from NMU in 2000 with his Bachelor of Science in Art & Design – Photography, and a double minor in Biology and English. Since graduation, he has had experience in a variety of fields, including owning his own photography business, working as a flight instructor and program manager, and project management.

Jeremy is an entrepreneur, working as Redleaf Consulting, communications and training consulting for businesses, The Art of Paddling, offering kayak group and private instruction, and TheVoiceNinja, an online voice over service.

Tune in to find out more about his suggestions for life after college, including defining what success means to you and determining what your priorities are. Don't miss it on YouTube at the link above.

Additional ResourcesThe Art of PaddlingTheVoiceNinja


November 2016 - #4: Mr. Casey Phillips

Casey Phillips graduated from NMU with his MBA in 2015. While on campus, he was involved with TEAM Business and received the Outstanding Graduating Graduate Student Award from faculty.

He currently works as a Business Operations Consultant and Project Manager for UP Rehab Services in Marquette. Additionally, he's the founder of 414 Solutions, a business and technology consulting firm.

We talked about his time at Northern, and his experience in the business and technology industry. If you missed it, check it out at our YouTube link! 

Additional Resources: 414 Solutions


October 2016 - #3: Dr. Veronica Howard 

Dr. Veronica Howard graduated from NMU in 2005, with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. She then went on to earn both her Master’s and Ph.D from the University of Kansas. She is currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology at University of Alaska Anchorage. 

Missed the video chat? We talked to Dr. Veronica Howard about her experience at Northern, how she decided to teach at the university level, and what advice she’d give to current students. If you missed it, you can check it out at our YouTube link below.



September 2016 - #2: Ms. Melinda Britton

Melinda Britton graduated in 2007 with a bachelor’s in Electronic Journalism, and a minor in Sociology. She is currently a professional certified doula, and the owner of Doulas of Marquette. Through this, she is able to provide support to women and their families before, during, and after childbirth.

Join us as at the link below we chat about her experience at Northern, her current career, and how she ended up using her NMU degree in unexpected ways.

Additional Resources: Doulas of MarquetteProDoula


August 2016 - #1: Ms. Jade Bolthouse-Babcock

Jade Bolthouse Babcock graduated in 2009 with a degree in art education. During her time here, she student-taught in Ecuador and had a concentration in ceramic arts. She is currently teaching art and Spanish at Dollar Bay Public Schools. Jade recently graduated in May 2016 with her master's in educational administration. 

Find out how Jade actually landed her current job, and what her advice to current art students, and other graduating students, might be at the video link below!