Wildcats at Work

Wildcats at Work - Interview Series

Each year we interview NMU alums who are doing great things after graduation. We ask them about their time here at NMU, what they did right afterwards, and what they're up to now. We get some great information about their jobs, advice about college and afterwards, and more!

Fall Semester 2017

October 2017 - Jason Schneider

Jason Schneider graduated from NMU, first with a Bachelor of Science in History in 2001, and then with a Bachelor of Science in Economics in 2006. Currently, he's the Executive Director of the Marquette Chamber of Commerce, but he's been involved in a wide variety of ventures since graduation. This includes serving as a Business Advisor for the Peace Corps in Tonga, a City Commissioner for the City of Marquette, photographer, and owned EmmaJoe's Coffee House. 

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