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The Northern Michigan University Alumni Association serves all alumni of NMU - currently more than 50,000 individuals!  Alumni are much more than a university’s former students; they are the stakeholders and partners with their alma mater. Alumni of an institution don’t come and go, they remain part of their university for a lifetime.

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This allows you to stay in touch with NMU and each other. When you log in, you’ll be able to search for and contact your friends from NMU, register for events, receive special offers, and much more.

Northern Michigan University Alumni - LinkedIn Group

Utilize the power of networking - join the Northern Michigan University Alumni LinkedIn group for recruitment, networking, and employment opportunities.  Click here to request to join!

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Don't forget that access to your email address will expire 1 year after graduation!  Sign up for your free address through the Alumni Association

For more information about the Alumni Association, visit or call 906-227-2610

The Northern Michigan University Foundation works with individuals, groups, and organizations to support Northern programs and students, mainly through raising private funds for scholarships, endowments, academic departments, and affinity clubs. For more information, or to get involved with the NMU Foundation, please visit