Employers Frequently Asked Questions

So that you can find your answers more quickly, we've divided our Frequently Asked Questions page into the following sections.

Cat Career Tracks

Click here for a short Walk-Through for On-Campus Employers.

How do I sign up for Cat Career Tracks?

If you received a user name and password in your email, you already have an account: Use that information to log in at www.myinterfase.com/NMU/employer. Be sure to update all contact information accurately.

If you are a new user, go to www.myinterfase.com/NMU/employer. Search for your organization (to avoid duplicating entries). You are allowed more than one registered person for each organization. If your organization is not listed, please create it. Your submitted profile will be reviewed and approved by NMU Career Services. Once approved, you will have full access to all features of this system.

If you are looking to post a temporary or one-time position (shoveling, gardening, babysitting, etc.), please click here for instructions.

On-Campus Departments: Please be sure to search in this format: NMU- Department Name

What if my username and/or password doesn't work?

If you know your username but not your password, click on the 'Forgot Your Password' link. If you don't know your username or are still having trouble logging into Cat Career Tracks, please call the Career Services office at (906) 227-2800.

How do I change my password?

Log in to Cat Career Tracks. Near the upper left corner, click on "My Profile." On the right, click "Edit." Change your password and make sure to click "Save."

How do I post a job?

On the top menu, hover over “My Jobs” and click “New.” Complete the information and click “Save.” Your job will be reviewed and approved by NMU Career Services. Once it’s approved, it can be viewed by NMU students and alumni.

How do I edit a job?

On the top menu, hover over “My Jobs” and click “Job List.” Click on the “Job ID” or “Job Title” of the job you would like to edit. Make changes and “save.”

How do I post a job that I have previously posted?

On the top menu, hover over “My Jobs” and click “Job List.” Click on the “Job ID” or “Job Title” of the job you would like to copy. In the left menu, under “Page Functions,” click on “Copy Job.”

I hired an employee and would like to take my job down. How do I do that?

On the top menu, hover over “My Jobs” and click “Job List.” Click on the “Job ID” or “Job Title” of the job you would like to take down. In the “Profile View,” click the “Close Job” link above the posting. To let us know who you hired for the position, click on “Report a Hire” in the left menu. Type the first name and last name of the student and click “search.” Under Action, click “Select Student.”

How do I search for a student or alumni?

Students and alumni have the option to allow employers to view their profile. To search for students, click on the “Student Search” tab in the top menu. Fill in the criteria of what students you are looking for and click “Search.” You can email yourself a packet of resumes for those students that have resumes uploaded. To do this, check the box to the left of each student and check the “check to email packet to self” and “Create Packet.”

How do I set up on-campus interviews?

Hover over the “My Interview Schedules” menu. Click on “New Schedule Request.”

On Step 1, select your schedule type and preferred interview date.
On Step 2, select or add the job that you want to interview for and select the documents that you want to receive from students.
On Step 3, review your information and submit your request.

Once you submit your schedule request, it will be reviewed by Career Services staff. You can access your completed schedule by hovering over the “My Interview Schedules” and clicking on the Schedule List.

How do I sign up for a job fair?

On the top menu, hover over “Job Fairs, Workshops & Info Sessions,” click “Search.” Put in the criteria for the event you would like. On the right, under “Action,” choose “Register.” Complete the information and click “Continue.”

How do I set up an on-campus information session?

In the Resource Library (left menu), click on 'Employer Resources' and complete the form 'On-Campus Interview/Information Session Request.' Submit it via email - careers@nmu.edu

I am an on-campus employer and have questions regarding hiring a student employee. Where can I find this information?

You can find the NMU Student Employment Handbook in the Resource Library (left menu) or you can find it here.

Finding Employees

How do I post a position that I have available?

You can post all of your open positions in Cat Career Tracks.  Click here to enter the site.  Click here to view a simple instructional guide to the system.

Please remember that there may be a delay in seeing your posting, as our office approved each posting individually.  Please also note that our office hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.  Jobs submitted after that time will not be approved and posted until Monday morning.  Thank you. 

How much does it cost to post a position?

Posting a position with our office is completely free of charge.

How long do positions remain on your site?

When you complete the job posting, you will choose the date in which you would like the position to be removed.  You also have the capability of editing your job and changing this date.

I am an area resident in need of a temporary employee. How can I find a temporary student employee?

Consider posting a part-time or summer position, and entering your specific hours and dates needed within the posting.  For the "Company" section, we recommend entering "Private Employer" as well as using keywords like Temporary or Summer in the job title. 

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Job Fairs

What job fairs do you host?

We host many job fairs throughout the year. To view a current listing or to sign up, please click on “Career Events” in Cat Career Tracks.  You may also view our current listing at: http://www.nmu.edu/careerservices/jobfairs 

How do I sign up for a job fair?

Please register under “Career Events” in Cat Career Tracks.  

Is there a fee to attend job fairs?

Each of our job fairs have the same fees: For-profit employers: $100; Non-profit organizations: $25. 

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On-Campus Recruiting

Can I interview students on-campus for a position I have available?

Of course! Our office has the following services and facilities available to employers:

  • Private interview rooms,
  • Advertising your vacancy and collecting resumes prior to your visit,
  • Conference rooms for group testing or information sessions,
  • Distance interview facilities,
  • A full range of audio-visual support.

How do I set up on-campus recruiting?

To request an interview date and  time, please log into Cat Career Tracks.  On the top menu, choose “My Interview Schedules,” then New Schedule Request.” Complete this form.  You will get a notification from our office confirming your interviews.

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Still have questions?  Please contact Career Services email_icon.png