Student Spotlight: Mikenzie Frost

Junior Mikenzie Frost divides her time between being a resident advisor, president of the NMU Figure Skating team and volunteering time at Public Eye News, all the while pursuing a degree in multi-media journalism, with a double-minor in criminal justice and art and design.

While Frost’s favorite classes this semester are Intro to Multi-Media Journalism and Sports and Special Events Programming, her favorite experience right now is the time she spends at Public Eye News.

“I love getting the hands-on experience in the field, and learning all the things that it takes to produce a news broadcast,” she says.

When Frost isn’t in class or down at Public Eye News, a large majority of her time is devoted to figure skating. After her mom put her in Learn to Skate lessons at age 4 in hopes of Frost playing hockey, she has rarely left the ice since.   

“Once I saw the girls doing jumps and spins, I told them I didn’t want to play hockey, I wanted to figure skate,” she says.

Frost has been competing since age 7, and has been in roughly 95 competitions in the past 11 years. These competitions have ranged from being Michigan based, to most recently, the Nations Cup in Spain. When at home, she finds herself back at the rink as a Learn To Skate coach, as well as a private coach, teaching other inspiring young skaters.

Though being the president of the NMU Figure Skating team has its stressful moments, Frost loves it. Her job requirements include recruitment, organization of the team, registering, entering the team in competitions, choreography, and organizing appearances to name a few.

Frost looked to start the club during her freshman year with the help of her resident director, Jackie Jorgensen, after realizing that there was none on campus. “I wanted to give other girls the chance to skate after high school and continue to do what they love….. Skating isn’t something that you can just drop,” she says. “For me, skating is a lifestyle and I know that I wouldn’t be able to be successful wherever I am if I didn’t have the opportunity to skate.”

Though skating is a huge part of her life, Frost also devotes numerous hours a week to her job as a Resident Advisor of Concert House, a co-ed house in Van Antwerp Hall. Coming into a house with a majority of freshman, Frost has found her patience tested as she challenges herself and her house out of their comfort zones.

“I have realized that you cannot make people do things they don’t want to do. The only thing you can do is provide the resources and opportunities for people, but in the end, they have to want to do it. “ she says.

Though it is a task, Frost enjoys seeing her residents grow into young adults and leaders. “I love seeming them create things and succeed with a project, “she says. “The majority of them were timid and not eager to try new things. Now they are in this club, and that club and they are always bringing up new ideas.”

When Frost does find some free time in her hectic schedule, crafting and running are her go-to activities. Her favorite is taking her camera with her while out for a relaxing hike.

Ultimately, Frost hopes to be a news anchor on a national news network. Her dreams stems from her childhood, when her mom would turn the news on at night while she did homework. Even then, Frost thought they had the best job in the world.

“They (anchors) are the people that families trust to get their news; they trust them and allow them in their homes” she says. 

She thinks her experiences in and outside of class will help set her apart from other prospective applicants.  Her advice to other students is “to get involved as much as possible, and don’t be afraid to go out in the field to find stories. Also, make as many connections as you can!”