News for NMU Employees


Don Faust (Mathematics and Computer Science) presented "Some Observations on Scientific Epistemology with Applications to Conflict Resolution and Constructive Controversy" at the Universitas Indonesia in Jakarta, Indonesia. Judith Puncochar (School of Education, Leadership, and Public Service) followed Faust with a presentation titled "Promoting Citizenship Education with Structured Controversy in Indonesian Higher Education" and a workshop on structured controversy. The presentations and workshop occurred as part of a special one-day multidisciplinary seminar involving 104 participants (lecturers, professors and graduate students) from four disciplines: mathematics, geography, physics and psychology. Faust and Puncochar are developing workshops for higher education to promote the use of constructive controversies, skills of perspective -aking and strategies for addressing the uncertainty of knowledge.

Judy Puncochar (Education, Leadership and Public Service) delivered another keynote address while on sabbatical in Indonesia. She presented "Furthering the Liberal Arts in Indonesian Higher Education” at a national conference at the Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI), Bandung.