News for NMU Employees

Tawni Hunt Ferrarini (Economics) has co-authored a peer-reviewed publication with G. Dirk Mateer of the University of Arizona titled “Multimedia Technology for the Next Generation.” Published in The Journal of Private Enterprise, the article develops the idea that the proliferation of media technologies, such as television, video clips, audiocasts, and social media, can help economics educators connect with students in more meaningful ways.
Ferrarini and Hugo Eyzaguirre (Economics), along with J. Brian O’Roark of Robert Morris University, recently published “Textbook Confessions: Government Failure” in The Journal of Private Enterprise. This analysis of twelve principles of economics textbooks addresses how these learning resources describe government failure. What they find is that the textbook authors mainly fall short in describing government failure, which can expose students to the idea that government policy in the area of economic market failure never fails.

Carol Strauss Sotiropoulous (Modern Languages and Literatures) published her essay “Fuller, Goethe, Bettine: Cultural Transfer and Imagined German Womanhood” in a 2014 collection of 17 essays titled Toward a Female Genealogy of Transcendentalism by Jana Argersinger and Phyllis Cole. This essay sheds a new light on American journalist and book reviewer Margaret Fuller’s connection to and appreciation for German literature.