News for NMU Employees


Employee Recognition Luncheon

The following listing from the luncheon program identifies NMU employees who were honored for reaching years-of-service milestones with the university:

Gary W. Bilenky, Housing and Residence Life
Anne M. Burke, Dining Services
Rodney H. Clarken, School of Education
Kristine L. Clemins, Plant Operations
Cornell R. DeJong, Sociology/Social Work
Lorraine A. DeShambo, Academic Information Services/Computing Help Desk
Donald R. Grant, Music
Jeanne M. Graves, Technology and Occupational Sciences
Muriel K. Kangas, School of Education
Marsha I. Larmour, Academic Information Services/Library
Yvonne R. Lee, Technology and Occupational Sciences
Harold W. Martin, Mathematics and Computer Science
Robert J. Miller, College of Business
Mohey A. Mowafy, Health and Human Performance
Geraldine M. Nault, Health Center
Walter E. Niebauer, Communication and Performance Studies
Barry C. Peterson, Mathematics/Computer Science
Mary Beth Reed, College of Business
Linda L. Roe, Dean of Students
Donald J. Rybacki, Communication and Performance Studies
Karyn C. Rybacki, Communication and Performance Studies
Margarete C. Salinger, Degree Evaluation
Lorilee M. Weiger, Student Service Center
Sue M. Young, Criminal Justice

50 Years of Service
Bruce S. Turner, Learning Resources Division

45 Years of Service
Elda A. Tate, Music

40 Years of Service
Michael J. Cinelli, School of Art and Design
Carl D. Holm, Housing and Residence Life

35 Years of Service
Carol D. Bergman, Office of the President
Janice M. Crawford, Information Technology-Information Services
Robert J. Fleming, College of Business
Paul S. Lehmberg, English
David W. Maki, Information Technology-Technical Services
Karl A. Mulder, Information Technology-Technical Services
David J. Nicholls, Plant Operations
William J. Ombrello, Plant Operations
Harvey A. Wallace, College of Professional Studies
Phillip B. Watts, Health and Human Performance

30 Years of Service
John E. Benam, Learning Resources Division
James B. Berglund, Auxiliary Services
Dean C. Ellis, Intercollegiate Athletics and Recreational Sports
Lynne M. Gerhardt, School of Education
Cory E. Johnson, Bookstore
Scott W. Krah, Information Technology-Information Services
Sara S. Niemi, Degree Evaluation
Bruce T. Olson, Plant Operations
Shelley M. Russell, Communication and Performance Studies
John A. Strom, Plant Operations
Karin M. Stulz, College of Business
Dale J. Wedig, School of Art and Design

25 Years of Service
William R. Ball, Political Science
Mary L. Etchison, Counseling and Consultation Services
Brain R. Gaudreau, Intercollegiate Athletics and Recreational Sports
Keith D. Greising, Academic Information Services/Library
Veikko T. Heikkinen, Plant Operations
Micheline G. Just, Academic Information Services/Library
Cindy L. Kleinschmidt, Registrar
Cheryl C. Lajoye, Plant Operations
Steven L. Lasich, Academic Information Services/Library
Kenneth D. Love, Public Safety and Police Services
Troy J. Mattson, Intercollegiate Athletics and Recreational Sports
Stephen D. Oates, School of Education
Susan E. Ombrello, Dining Services
Don R. Peterman, Public Safety and Police Services
John E. Rebers, Biology
Joel E. Thompson, College of Business
Robert S. Thomson, Learning Resources Division
Ghulam J. Zalmai, Mathematics/Computer Science

20 Years of Service
Gloria J. Alexander, Registration and Scheduling
Jerome A. Anderson, Information Technology-Technical Services
Thomas E. Helgren, Auxiliary Services
Peggy A. House, Mathematics/Computer Science
April E. Lindala, Center for Native American Studies
Robert A. Marlor, Engineering Technology
Pamela M. Mattson, Plant Operations
Tina M. Menhennick, Military Science
Jane M. Milkie, School of Art and Design
Kimber L. Ollie, Registrar
Lesley J. Putman, Chemistry
Margarete C. Salinger, Degree Evaluation
Sherri A. Towers, Finance and Planning
Suzanne E. Williams, Chemistry

15 Years of Service
Donna M. Becker, Biology
David A. Buhl, Mathematics/Computer Science
Michael Burgmeier, Academic Information Services/Library
Nancy E. Carter, School of Education
Lesley Cory-Milligan, Technology and Occupational Sciences
Alison R. Crowley, Admissions
LuAnne J. Crupi, Graduate Education and Research
Donald D. Duquette, Information Technology-Technical Services
Richard H. Eathorne, Earth, Environmental and Geographical Science
Christi L. Etelamaki, NMU Foundation
Tawni H. Ferrarini, Economics
Robert J. Fleury, Intercollegiate Athletics and Recreational Sports
Arthur J. Gischia, Finance and Administration
Max D. Graves, Learning Resources Division
Jane A. Hansen, Dining Services
Deanna K. Hemmila, Office of the President
Denise C. Hughes, Plant Operations
Carol W. Johnson, College of Business
Terri A. Lorens, Evaluation Services
Lisa M. Mattson, Seaborg Center
Susan A. Morgan, International Programs
Michael A. Nelson, NMU Foundation
Sarah B. Stanley, Learning Resources Division
Gregory L. Stone, Intercollegiate Athletics and Recreational Sports
W. Kevin Stulz, Admissions
Ronald C. Sundell, Earth, Environmental and Geographical Sciences
Janet M. Syria, Chemistry
Jon T. Teichman, Admissions
Sheri A. Trotochaud, Registrar
Tina S. VandeZande, Nursing
Gregory L. Warchol, Criminal Justice
Eugene B. Wickenheiser, Chemistry

10 Years of Service
Mary A. Brundage, Dean of Students
Daniel Dermyer, Student Support Services
Kelly A. Dore, Degree Evaluation
Ryan W. Healy, Plant Operations
Keith H. Kendall, History
Jeffrey L. Korpi, Housing and Residence Life
John L. Kyle, Intercollegiate Athletics and Recreational Sports
Robin L. Rahoi, Dining Services
Haley Rhoades, Financial Aid
Dena Russell, Admissions
Paul Truckey, Communications and Performance Studies
Qinghong Zhang, Mathematics/Computer Science
Bret M. Zorza, Intercollegiate Athletics and Recreational Sports