News for NMU Employees

Faculty Research Grants Awarded

Ten NMU Faculty Research Grants have been awarded for 2015. The recipients and their project titles are:

Robert Belton (Biology), “Characterization of Basigin as a Potential Cancer Stem Cell Marker in Glioblastoma Mutiforme Tumors”

Joshua Carlson (Psychology), , “Fearless Minds! Measuring the Efficacy of Cellphone Based Anxiety Reduction Training with Magnetic Resonance Imaging”

Charles Ganzert (Communication and Performance Studies), “Nautanki and the Carnatic Music of Sothern India”

Thomas Getman (Chemistry), “Separation of the Isomers of B12H10(SMe2)2 by Selective Complexation with ß-Cyclodextrin”

Jill Leonard (Biology), “Development and Application of Larval Fish Culture Practices for Two Species of Native Fish at Northern Michigan University”

Alec Lindsay (Biology), “Common Loon Transcriptomics”

Madison Ngafeeson (Business), “Testing User Resistance to Electronic Health Records: Taking Healthcare Information Technology Adoption One Step Further”

Rachel Nye (Nursing), “Oral Health Literacy”

Katherine Teeter (Biology), “Molecular Evolution in the American Pika (Ochotona princeps): Adaptations to Hypoxia and Cold”

Renxin Yang (Sociology and Anthropology), “Poetry Collection: Light and Shadows”