News for NMU Employees

Office Moves Slated for Cohodas

Some Cohodas Hall offices have changed or will soon change locations within the building. The most noticeable shift will be on the 6th floor. The NMU Foundation and Alumni Relations area has outgrown its space, according to Jim Thams (Engineering and Planning). Those functions will extend to the adjoining space on the south end of the floor currently occupied by Communications and Marketing. The expansion, scheduled for this month, will create a ripple effect on the 4th floor.  

“Communications and Marketing is going to move to room 409, which was the AAUP office,” Thams said. “AAUP has moved to 402, which ironically is where it was first located in Cohodas. Also on the 4th floor, Graduate Education and Research used to occupy two suites on opposite sides of the hall—401 and 402. They’ve been consolidated into 401.”

There have been more subtle changes on the 5th floor. Cathy Dehlin (General Counsel) moved down the hall to room 504 and Art Gischia (Finance and Administration) is in 502 because of his new role as senior associate vice president for administration.

Thams said additional changes are likely on the ground floor this summer. Those will be featured in a CAMPUS preview of summer projects later this semester.