News for NMU Employees

Gender Working Group Formed

A Gender Working Group has been established at NMU. Members are developing a campus climate survey that will be distributed at the beginning of the fall semester, followed by focus-group discussions. These are the first concrete steps toward the group’s charge of identifying gender issues impacting faculty, staff and students at NMU and promoting gender equity through programming and policy initiatives.

“I support the idea of bringing faculty, staff and students together to promote equality and inclusiveness across campus,” said NMU President David Haynes. “The Office of the President will provide an annual budget to support training for Gender Working Group members, campus programming and meetings.”

Lesley Larkin (English) initially co-chaired the working group and now serves as an ex-officio member. She said the conversation about a dedicated gender group began on the President’s Committee on Diversity.

“Members of the committee who formerly served on the Commission for Women felt there was a need to  renew the commission’s campus-wide focus on gender, but with a broader interpretation that includes and extends beyond issues specific to women,” Larkin said.

The group is composed of six faculty members, six staff members and three students. Initial appointments will be staggered. Here is the current roster:

Faculty members (three-year term with opportunity to renew):

Lisa Eckert (English)

Mollie Freier (AIS-Library)

Erich Ottem (Biology)

Kate Teeter (Biology)

Abigail Wyche (Sociology and Social Work)

Open faculty position


Staff members (three-year term with opportunity to renew):

Marina Dupler (Alumni)

Kristi Evans (Communications)

Michelle Kimball (Technology and Occupational Sciences)

Marlina Martinez (President’s Office)

Lenny Shible (Health Promotions Office)

Heidi Voigt (Intercollegiate Athletics)


Student members (one-year term with opportunity to renew):

Aiden Pietila

Abby Roche

Emily Stulz


Ex-officio members from President’s Committee on Diversity:

Shirley Brozzo (Multicultural Education and Resource Center)

Rachel Harris (Center for Student Enrichment)

Martha Haynes (Advancement)

Lesley Larkin (English)