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Psychology Colloquium

Friday, November 22, 2013

Feeling It! Neural Correlates of Emotional Experience from Anxiety to Euphoria!

Time: 3:10 p.m.

Location: 167 Gries Hall

Presenter: Joshua Carlson, Ph.D.

Details: Emotions are personal perceptions that vary in intensity from individual to individual. This personal emotional state is fleeting and continuously evolving as an individual interacts with their environment. Insight into the representation of the emotional state in the human brain and the dynamic nature of this state may not only be critical for understanding normative emotional experience, but also for understanding phenomena such as anhedonia or emotional numbing. Results from three magnetic resonance imaging studies will be discussed to demonstrate that 1) activity in a particular network of brain regions tracks an individual's current affective state, 2) anxious and depressed individuals display less brain-based tracking within this network and the extent of this uncoupling is correlated with symptoms of emotional numbing, and (3) a heightened level of euphoric experience across individuals is linked to variability in the volume (i.e., structure) of the orbitofrontal cortex. For more information, contact the Psychology Department at 227-2935.


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