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An Evening of Class - Registration Deadline

Monday, November 11, 2013

The deadline for the Dinner of Class is Monday, Nov. 11. The event itself will take place at 6 p.m., Nov. 14 in the Marquette/Cadillac/Nicolet Rooms of the University Center.

Feed both the mind and stomach at the inaugural "Classy" Dinner hosted by the NMU Social Justice Committee. Dinner will explore the mechanics of food system and who gets what. Come for an evening of discussion, food, and a great time!

A chance to support Marquette Ending Hunger will also be available.

Cost of participation: One NMU "Meal Swipe" or $7.50.

To officially sign up, head to this site:

And about halfway down the page is the event called An Evening of Class. Register by Monday, Nov. 11th!

Meal breakdowns are as follows:

About 20% of participants get a full Pasta Dinner
About 30% of participants get a bowl of beans and rice
About 50% of participants get a small cup of rice


Marquette/Cadillac/Nicolet Rooms of the UC
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Arika Egan