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Medical Emergencies in the Classroom Workshop

Friday, February 08, 2013

Prepare for those medical emergencies that can occur in the classroom.  Recently a math instructor had a student come to the front of a classroom with a diabetic meter.  The number showed 34.  He looked at the professor for assistance.  Would you know what to do?  Thankfully, she did.  She yelled for any kind of sugar in the class. There was none.  Not giving up, she ran next door to another class for some form of simple sugar.  Retrieving a bottle of Coke, she gave some to the student to get his sugar up before the impending seizure started.

We propose to cover similar health topics for the faculty or student to understand what is the best activity should someone need health assistance in the classroom.  We will cover seizure, diabetes, asthma, health concerns of the older student/faculty, childbirth, and more.  The presenter is Bitsy Wedin, an Assistant Professor in the Nursing Department at NMU.  Please register at


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