Faculty Spotlight - Dr. David Rayome

Dr. David Rayome, or “Doc” as his students know him, is a finance professor in the College of Business at 
Northern Michigan University (NMU).  He has been teaching at NMU since the fall of 1991.  On-campus,
Dr. Rayome has been involved with several organizations.  He is currently the faculty advisor to the 
Student Managed Investment Fund, an organization where business students manage a portfolio of 
stocks and bonds with the ability to buy or sell at any time.  In the past, Dr. Rayome has been involved 
with the FMA national honor society and has acted in plays with the theater department at Forest 
Roberts Theater.

Dr. Rayome teaches several different finance classes.  His favorite subjects to teach are Corporate Finance, International 
Finance and Technical Analysis.  Dr. Rayome has been interested in teaching since elementary school.  He obtained his 
BS in education in 1986 and his MBA in finance in 1988 from the University of Akron.  He then went on and earned his Ph.D.
in finance/international  economics from Kent State University in 1992.  He has also attended MiamiUniversity and Defiance 
College, and has taken classes at NMU.

Dr. Rayome was born in Dayton, Ohio and grew up on a farm 25 miles northwest of Dayton.  He came to NMU in 1991 for
the opportunity to teach.  The students are what Dr. Rayome enjoys most about being a professor at NMU.  He stated:
“They keep me young.  They are mentally and intellectually stimulating.  It is a challenge to teach material semester after
semester.  I have to keep it fresh and interesting.  If I get bored, I know the students are also.  When active learning
occurs in the classroom it becomes electric.  You can feel it, and that is the reward.”

Dr. Rayome has students that have stayed in touch from the first couple of years he began at NMU.  He feels the
friendships are truly rewarding.  He has even been a part of several students’ weddings in the past; the most recent
was in 2011 in Indianapolis.

Dr. Rayome has seen changes in the students throughout the years that he has been at NMU.  He believes their attitude
is a reflection of the times in which they live.  In the 90’s the economy and the stock market were both doing great, so
students were having fun and were much more optimistic about their future.  Now the economy is tough, and the future
much more uncertain.  Students are more conservative about life choices.  Students take their education more serious, 
knowing it is an expensive investment today that will benefit them in the future.  Students have also become more tech savvy
in the last decade.  Laptops, smartphones and wireless Internet have helped students become multitaskers so it is more
difficult to keep their attention in the classroom.  Traditional methods do not seem to work as well anymore.

Dr. Rayome has two sons and a daughter who have all attended NMU.  His oldest son, Joe, graduated from NMU in 2002
in communications and performance studies.  Joe currently lives in New York City where he is actively involved in the arts.  
His son Matt graduated from NMU in 2006 with a degree in finance.  Matt currently is the manager of One Main Financial in 
Marquette.  Danielle, his daughter, majored in biology and is currently finishing her cardiac fellowship at Providence Hospital
in Troy, Michigan.  His wife, Cathy, is also a graduate of NMU.  Cathy earned her LPN at NMU and is a nurse at Marquette
General Hospital in the Endoscopy unit.  In his free time Dr. Rayome enjoys working out at the PEIF, researching technical
analysis and investing, and is an active trader, mostly in futures markets.  He has also recently begun playing the game of
golf again, after a considerable absence from the links.  Dr. Rayome’s advice to NMU students; “Your education is what you
make of it.”