New College of Business Faculty

The College of Business is proud to welcome five new faculty members who started teaching in the fall 2013 semester. Areas of study that gained new instructors include: Finance and Risk Management. Read on to learn more about the new professor.

Haibo (Stephen) Yao: Assistant Professor - Finance and Risk Management


What courses is he teaching?

  • Introduction to Risk Management (FIN 301)
  • Personal Insurance/ Financial Planning (FIN 324)
  • Insurance Operations (FIN 433)

Haibo (Stephen) Yao earned his Ph.D. degree in Finance from Mississippi State University. He received his Master of Science degree in Finance and Actuarial Science from Central University of Finance and Economics. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Statistics from Hebei University of Economics.Prior to joining the doctoral program at Mississippi State University, he had been working as a faculty member of Actuarial Science and Insurance for four years at Central University of Finance and Economics.

His research interest rates include the impact of monetary shocks on industrial firms in the US, stock market reactions to macro changes, insurance pricing and reserving, insurer behavioral changes following catastrophic events and insurance market specification.

Dr. Yao has edited four insurance textbooks and acted as one of the translators of the Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter (CPCU) textbooks in China. He has presented his dissertation at the doctoral consortium of the Financial Management Association (FMA) annual meeting and presented working papers at both national and international finance and insurance conferences such as FMA, EFA, MFA, EFMA, WARIA.

Besides teaching and research, he likes to play racquetball and tennis. He and his wife have a two years old son.

His favorite quote is by Isaac Newton that “If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.”