Alumni Spotlight: Corey Engelhart - '14

Corey Engelhart graduated from NMU in 2011 with his undergraduate degree in International Studies, and in 2014 with a Master of Business Administration (MBA). Engelhart is currently working as an Implementation Developer at Onit, an app development startup which specializes in web apps for large law firms, legal departments, and human resource departments. Engelhart works directly with clients to build custom apps that make their day-to-day business processes run more smoothly. 

Though the company is based in Houston, TX, Englehard lives in Austin, TX with his wife Megan, and their son Danforth who was born in June 2014. This allows him to works out of various coffee shops, which he enjoys immensely. 

Attending NMU was an easy decision for Engelhart. NMU’s affordability, small class sizes, and quality of teaching coupled well with his love for the outdoors. Engelhart credits the NMU experience with teaching him that to be successful, one just needs to have a passion, confidence, perseverance, and the ability to learn from everything. 

Engelhart specifically credits business professors Dr. Janson, Dr. Brunswick, Dr. Crum, and Dr. Rayome for helping to make his NMU experience special. 

For those attending NMU, Englehart says, “I can’t emphasize this enough: build a personal relationship with your professors. Leverage the great student-to-teacher ratio in your classes. In my experience, the best students aren’t necessarily the smartest, but the most curious. On the first day of the semester, try to spot the people around you that look most excited/honored to be there. These are the people that will make your education world class.”

In the past, Engelhart has worked in various retail sales positions, taught himself to be a computer programmer, and managed an international exchange program while a graduate assistant at NMU.  As far as future career aspirations, Engelhart would like to start his own company, and one day evolve his career into a business mentor/investor role to assist new entrepreneurs.

Besides being a new father, Engelhart enjoys long rides on his Peugot bike, listening to live music, eating breakfast tacos, and avoiding the many poisonous reptiles that call Texas their home.