New College of Business Faculty

The College of Business is proud to welcome four new faculty members who started teaching in the 2015-16 academic year. Areas of study that gained new instructors include: Accounting. Read on to learn more about the new professor.

Paul Byrnes: Assistant Professor - Accounting

Paul Byrnes


What courses is he teaching?

  • Principles of Accounting II- ACT 240
  • Auditing- ACT 441

Paul Byrnes earned his Ph.D. in Accounting Information Systems and Accounting from Rutgers University in 2015.  In addition, he maintains an MS degree in Accounting from Michigan State University as well as BS degrees from Lake Superior State University in Accounting, Management, and Psychology.  In addition, Paul is a Certified Management Accountant
(CMA) with about 15 years of relevant work experience in accounting and management.

His primary research interests entail issues pertaining to continuous auditing, REA in logical design of relational database systems, application of data mining techniques in the accounting discipline, and, more generally, the development and implementation of automated technologies for improving effectiveness and efficiency in the accounting process.

Jean Essila: Instructor - Management

Jean Essila


What courses is he teaching?

  • Operations Management- MGT 325
  • Deterministic Models/Business- MGT 326

Dr. Jean C. Essila currently serves as instructor of operations management and management science. Dr. Essila has been an adjunct professor of operations management and management science at Grand Valley State University for the past four years. Before that, he taught operations courses at several universities. In 2015 he served Southern New Hampshire University by teaching graduate courses in operations management and management science and working as a subject matter expert for operations management.

Dr. Essila has also held top management positions in the oil and gas, carpet, transportation, and automotive industries, at corporations including ExxonMobil Oil and Gas (Country Delivery Manager), Perenco Oil and Gas (Assistant Offshore Manager), SDV Logistics (Delivery Team Lead), International Business Corporation (Director of Logistics and Purchasing), PWV Inc. (Director of Operations and Programs), Johnson Controls North America (Supply Chain Management Analyst), and Harvard Consulting (CEO). He was the recipient of the 2004 ExxonMobil Merit Award “in Recognition of His Outstanding Contribution to the Vision and Values of the ExxonMobil Organization.”

Dr. Essila completed his bachelor of engineering degree in logistics engineering and transportation at the University of Douala (Douala, Cameroon) and his master of science degree in management (specialization: planning and programming) at the Pan African Institute for Development (Douala, Cameroon). He received his doctorate in business administration from California Intercontinental University and is now pursuing his doctorate in engineering at George Washington University. He is the author of a textbook, Understanding Logistics: Basic Concepts, Principles and Norms, Conceptual and Organizational Tools, published in 2007.

If you visit Dr. Essila’s LinkedIn profile, you will notice that he is mostly endorsed for expertise in operations management, supply chain management, leadership, management, strategies, analytics, and enterprise resource planning.

Dr. Essila’s teaching philosophy is to never give up on students who are working hard to achieve their goals. He will help them by bringing his real-world business experience into our classrooms and continuing to be available for consultation after they leave the classroom. He will also add value to the school’s curriculum by enhancing existing courses and developing new programs in the field of operations and supply chain.

Jim Marquardson: Assistant Professor - Information Systems



What courses is he teaching?

  • Systems Analysis & Design- CIS 250
  • Network Security Tools/Technique- IS 436

Dr. Jim Marquardson earned his Ph.D. in Management Information Systems from the University of Arizona. He is an Assistant Professor in the Information Assurance & Cyber Defense program. His research includes deception detection using non-contact sensors, persuasive technology, and human computer interaction. His research has been published in several top information systems conferences. Prior to his career in academia, Jim worked as a senior information systems analyst at ExxonMobil.

Jim loves to talk tech and keep up with the latest innovations, but he also has a life away from screens. His hobbies include camping, cooking, and weightlifting. He has a goal of hiking the entire Pacific Crest Trail.