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International Studies at NMU

The departments of Art and Design, Communication and Performance Studies, Economics, English, Modern Languages and Literatures, Geography, History, Philosophy, Political Science and Public Administration, Sociology and Social Work and the College of Business cooperatively sponsor the international studies major. This broad major provides students with a basic understanding of modern world history, international relations, world cultures and world religions. Part of this learning, as well as intensive language instruction, takes place abroad.

As students advance in the international studies major, they deepen their understanding of particular parts of the world and specialized issues of international importance. The study abroad and language requirements of the major ensure that NMU students experience internationalism rather than just learn about it in classrooms.

The capstone course for the international studies major, IP 490 International Studies Seminar, offers students the opportunity to make comparisons and contrasts that integrate their study-abroad experience into their academic program.

Academic direction for the international studies major and minor as well as the Latin American studies minor is provided by the International Studies Academy Advisory Committee, which has members from many departments.

Additional Policies for International Studies Majors
International studies majors must demonstrate proficiency in a language other than English at the 202 level or higher. This can be accomplished by completing a 202 (or 300, 305, or 400) course in a language or by verification through the Modern Languages and Literatures Department (i.e. determined by examination or through some other means of confirming proficiency).

International studies majors must have a study-abroad experience, normally in a non-English speaking country, for at least 12 weeks, including a minimum of nine weeks of study through an approved college-level institution. Please see the
Study Abroadsection of this bulletin. This must be approved in writing by an international studies academic adviser. Up to 12 credits may be applied to the area and advanced disciplinary studies requirement of the major with prior approval of the academic adviser. International students or resident aliens who wish to major in international studies may petition the international studies academic adviser for exemption from the requirement for study abroad.

A program approval for international studies majors and minors must be prepared and approved by an academic adviser from the Modern Languages and Literatures Department and a copy forwarded to Degree Evalutions in the Registrar’s Office. They will not able to perform a degree audit until this form is received.


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