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Clinical Laboratory Technology - Associate of Applied Science
(Constitutes one major with two concentrations)

Concentration: Clinical Laboratory Technician (19 cr.)

Students with this concentration will earn AD certification as a CLT. The program develops proficiency in the performance of a variety of tests as well as an understanding of the interrelationships of laboratory data and physiological processes. Clinical laboratory technicians perform routine laboratory tests under supervision to provide diagnostic data in clinical and biomedical industries. The first three semesters of the program consist of liberal arts, science and clinical laboratory courses taken on campus. During the last six months of the second year, students are placed in an affiliated hospital to complete a full-time clinical practicum experience.


Concentration: Science Technician (20 cr.)

This concentration career ladders into the science technologist and anatomic pathology BS concentrations. Students interested in a Histotechnician career will have all of the required prerequisites to apply to an accredited internship site, such as Marshfield Clinic in Marshfield, Wisconsin and William Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, Michigan. This program also prepares graduates to work in a variety of laboratory settings (biomedical, commercial, etc). Students are provided with a basic foundation in clinical techniques complemented with science and math.


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Total Credits Required for Degree 64
Liberal Studies 12
Humanities or Social Science Elective 4

Health Promotion 1

Core Courses 17

Other Required Courses 12-14

Concentration 19-22
Choose one concentration below: 
    Clinical Laboratory Technician** 19
         CLS 250T Clinical Practice 2
         CLS 253 Blood Bank Practicum 3
    Science Technician 20
         BI 202 Human Physiology 5
             PH 201 College Physics I (5 cr.)

*Clinical Laboratory Technician - any 8 credits of chemistry courses above 100 level instead of CH 111 and CH 112.

**Students who score below a predictive "C" on the Northern Michigan University's mathematics placement test for MA 104 are required to take MA 100. Students who score a "C" or higher are exempt from the mathematics requirement.

***If taken CH 111 and CH 112. See adviser for chemistry choice.