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Environmental Science Major

This major provides students with an interdisciplinary approach on how to apply research methods, assessment techniques and management strategies to resolve environmental problems. It provides students an opportunity to gain an understanding of how the physical, biological and social sciences interact with each other in this field of study. 

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Total Credits Required for Degree 125

Liberal Studies 30-40
Health Promotion Requirements 2

Required Courses in Major 75
Students must complete the core and one of four areas of concentration. ENV101 should be taken during the first year of the program. 

Core 55-58
         CH 321 Organic Chemistry I (4 cr.) and
         CH 322 Organic Chemistry II (4 cr.)
         PH 220 Introductory Physics I (5 cr.) [III]

Concentration 16
Choose 16 credits from one of the following concentrations, with no more than 12 credits from one prefix without prior approval. 
Natural Resources 
At least one course must have a BI prefix. 
Pollution Control and Remediation 
Water Resources 
At least one course must have a BI prefix. 
Renewable Energy Technologies 

Other Required Courses 8

This major does not require a minor. 

Recommended Electives
It is recommended that students consult with their advisor and consider taking an internship and courses in foreign language and cultures, business, economics and policy-related courses. 

Prerequisite Notes:

Mathematics placement at MA 103 or higher are prerequisites to GC 235. MA 171 is recommended.

GC 100 and GC 205 are prerequisites to various GC courses.

MA115 is a prerequisite to MA 161.

MA 161 is a prerequisite to PH 220.

MA 171 is a prerequisite to BI 310