Degree or Program Details

Environmental Studies and Sustainability Major
Provides an introduction to quantitative and qualitative methods of assessing and analyzing humankind’s impact upon the environment.

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Total Credits Required for Degree 124

Liberal Studies 30-40
Health Promotion Requirements 2

Required Courses in Major 58
Core Courses 50
Choose 8 credit from the following: 8
         AN 320 Native Peoples of North America (4 cr.) [IV]
         BC 415 Intercultural Communication (4 cr.)
         EC 410 Managerial Economics (4 cr.)
         EC 425 International Economics (4 cr.)
         EC 460 Economic Development (4 cr.)
         GC 202 Soils (4 cr.)
         GC 300 Regional Studies: World Cultures (4 cr.) [IV] or
                Study Abroad (4 cr.)* 
         GC 470 Environmental Ethics (4 cr.)
         GC 475 Environmental Impact Assessment (4 cr.)
         GC 491 Internship (2-6 cr.)
         PS 206 International Relations (4 cr.)
         PS 402 Political Economy (4 cr.)
         SO 351 Social Change (4 cr.) [IV]
         SP 432 Environmental Communication (4 cr.)
*Study abroad may be substituted for GC 300 with advisor approval. 

This major does not require a minor.