Office of International Programs

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Study Abroad

Full-time NMU students with a cumulative grade point average of 2.50 or higher can enrich their academic experience by studying in a country other than the United States. Such studies may apply toward the student’s academic program at Northern, provided that prior approval has been granted by the student’s academic adviser and the Registrar’s Office.


All students who are contemplating earning study abroad credit, whether or not the program is under NMU sponsorship, must apply through the Office of International Programs. Personnel at the office will work with each student to assist with the application process, coordinate course registration and budget for financial aid.

The Office of International Programs also provides mandatory pre-departure and re-entry orientation. Any student desiring to receive NMU credit for study abroad must:

  1. Attend the pre-departure orientation
  2. Complete the study abroad course pre-evaluation form
  3. Attend the re-entry orientation

Please consult the Office of International Programs home page at for session scheduling information.

NMU-sponsored Faculty-Led Study Abroad

Each year NMU academic departments and the Office of International Programs collaborate to sponsor NMU courses with field experiences taking place entirely, or partially abroad.

NMU Affiliated Programs

NMU students can apply for study-abroad programs under official university sponsorship through one of the various consortiums or exchange agreements:

  • AustraLearn
  • College Consortium for International Studies (CCIS)
  • Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE)
  • Exchange agreements with several universities in Europe and Asia
  • International Studies Abroad (ISA)
  • Japan Center for Michigan Universities in Hikone, Japan (JCMU)
  • Midwest Consortium for Study Abroad (MCSA) and Northwest Consortium for Study Abroad (NCSA), operating through AHA International

Through these programs, NMU offers study-abroad opportunities in more than 30 foreign countries. The university participates in exchange agreements with universities in Europe and Asia. Most study-abroad programs offer instruction in English as well as instruction in the host country’s language.

Language immersion opportunities are available in many countries throughout the world.

Non-NMU Affiliated Programs

Students may apply for non-NMU study-abroad programs after consulting with their major department and with approval from the Office of International Programs. These include programs sponsored by other colleges, universities or third-party private sponsors.

Some restrictions on credit transfer apply. Students must carefully review program specifics with their academic adviser and the Office of International Programs. Special conditions for applying financial aid must be arranged through the Office of International Programs and Financial Aid Office.

Directed Studies

Students who choose to undertake independent travel, work, internships or research abroad may receive academic credit for such experience by arranging a directed study with an NMU professor prior to departure.

International Student Teaching

The Office of International Programs assists the School of Education, Leadership and Public Service in coordinating student teaching placements abroad. Qualified applicants may apply to established programs. Individual arrangements in other countries are also possible, with prior approval of the director of field experiences for the School of Education, Leadership and Public Service.