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Political Science Major

This major trains students in government, public policy and political theory, communication and analysis, independent thinking and problem definition and solving.

In addition to the political science core, students will complete an additional 20 credits in one of three concentrations: general, pre-law or international.

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Total Credits Required for Degree 124

Liberal Studies 30-40
Health Promotion Requirements 2

Required Courses in Major 38
Politics Core 18

Option 1: General Political Science Concentration 20
Political Science Electives 20
16 credits must be at the 300 level or above. 

Option 2: Pre-Law Concentration 20
Required Law Courses 12
Choose one course from the following: 4
     PS 332 Administrative Law (4 cr.)
Additional Political Science Courses 8
Choose from the following: 

Option 3: International Concentration 20
Choose from the following: 20
16 credits must be at the 300 level or above. 

Minor 20