German Studies Major

This is a transnational and interdisciplinary major that encompasses the various German-speaking regions of central Europe and offers an intellectually diverse program—covering literature, history, politics, the arts, philosophy, and business. Currently Germany is a leading trade partner and ally of the U.S. and is a linchpin in the European Community. The cultural and linguistic traditions of Austria and Switzerland enrich the field of German Studies.

Acquiring proficiency in the German language is an integral part of German Studies at all levels.

German Studies majors are strongly encouraged to complete a pre-approved study, internship, or work experience of one to two semesters in a German-speaking country, or in an approved immersion program. NMUs exchange partner in Germany, Oldenburg University, offers excellent support services and an affordable cost. Elective courses toward the major may be taken abroad and may substitute for the area electives with departmental approval.

Students majoring in German studies must earn a minimum grade of “C” in every language course. 

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Total Credits Required for Degree 120

Liberal Studies 30-40

Required Courses in Major 32

German Studies Core 16
     GR 415 German for Business (4 cr.)

German Studies Electives 16
Choose from the following list: 
At least 8 credits must be at the 300 level or above. 
     AD 335 History of Baroque Art (4 cr.) [VI]
     GR 312 Contemporary German-Speaking Cultures (4 cr.) (If not used in the core)
     GR 320 Great Works in German Literature (4 cr.) (If not used in the core)
     GR 415 German for Business (4 cr.) (If not used in the core)
     GR 495X Special Topics in German (Study Abroad) (1-4 cr.) 
     HS 304 The Middle Ages (4 cr.)
     HS 305 Renaissance-Reformation * (4 cr.)
     HS 308 Themes in Modern Europe * (4 cr.)
     HS 316 The Holocaust * (4 cr.)
     LG 317 World Studies through Literature in Translation (4 cr.) [II] (When a German Topic)
     PL 330 Existentialism (4 cr.) [II]

Minor 20

*Prerequisites: 100 or 200 level history course.