Forensic Biochemistry Major

This major is designed to prepare students for a career in the field of forensic science. It provides the science background required for working as a forensic investigator in a crime lab. In addition, it prepares students for entry into a graduate program in forensic science. The forensic biochemistry curriculum includes courses from multiple departments and is the credit-hour equivalent of a major plus a minor, therefore no additional minor is required. Students who are interested in pursuing this degree should have a strong background in science, including two years of high school algebra and one year of high school chemistry.

Only those chemistry courses passed with a grade of “C-” or better apply to the forensic biochemistry major.

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Total Credits Required for Degree 121

Liberal Studies 30-40

Required Courses in Major 33
Required Program Electives 17
Choose from the following: 
(Must include a minimum of 5 credits in chemistry at the 300-level or above.) 

Other Required Courses 45
     BI 303 General Microbiology (5 cr.)
     PH 201 College Physics I (5 cr.)
     PH 202 College Physics II (5 cr.)

Note: Students interested in pursuing graduate studies in biochemistry or chemistry should take MA 163, CH 342, CH 452 and CH 454 or MA 163, CH 341, CH 342 and CH 415, respectively.

This major does not require a minor.