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Latin American Studies Minor
This interdisciplinary minor allows students to take classes dealing with Latin America from a variety of departments on campus.

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Total Credits Required for Minor 24

Core 8
Electives 16
Electives must come from at least three disciplines/prefixes. 
Choose 16 credit hours from the following: 
EN 311Z World Literature: Latin America (4 cr.)  
EN 411Z Topics in World Literature (3-4 cr.) [II] (Latin America topic)
IP 485 Special Topics: Related to Latin America (1-8 cr.) 
IP 486 Study Abroad: Special Topics (1-12 cr.)  
SN 495 Special Topics: Related to Latin America (1-4 cr.) 

*Native speakers of Spanish must take POR 210, and native speakers of Portuguese must take SN 202. Spanish majors and minors must take the Portuguese component of the core.

**Any course used in the core cannot be used as an elective.