Award Notification and Disbursement

New freshmen and transfer students are notified regarding the outcome of their financial aid application beginning in March. Continuing students will begin receiving award notifications during the middle of June. All notifications from the Financial Aid Office will be mailed to new students until they complete orientation at NMU. Once a student begins enrollment, all further correspondence from the Financial Aid Office will come through the student's NMU e-mail account. The Financial Aid Office assumes students will accept all financial aid offered, including student loans and work study awards, unless the student notifies the office to remove or adjust the offered aid prior to disbursement. Disbursement of financial aid will occur no earlier than ten days prior to the beginning of each semester.

The Financial Aid Office bases all initial award amounts on full-time enrollment. However, required enrollment levels for specific aid programs vary, and are dependent on the individual financial aid program regulations. For students who enroll less than full-time, some awards may be prorated or canceled at the time of disbursement. For more information on specific programs, please contact the Financial Aid Office.