Sociology and Anthropology
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Department Head: Alan McEvoy
Sociology and Anthropology at NMU

The Sociology and Anthropology Department offers major programs in sociology, and sociology in liberal arts. The department offers minor programs in anthropology and sociology. The department also participates in the interdisciplinary minors in gerontology and international studies. (See the “Interdisciplinary and Individually Created Programs” and “International Studies” sections of this bulletin.)

The sociology program at Northern is designed to increase the understanding of human social behavior. The program emphasizes both theory and methodology, particularly as these may be brought to bear on the study of human interaction, social institutions, or analysis of contemporary social problems. Students have the opportunity to investigate a variety of areas such as crime and deviance, family, minority groups, religion and social change. The sociology major is best suited to students who intend to go to graduate school or to be employed in a position which might require skills in research, data analysis and writing. The sociology in liberal arts major is more general, and does not provide these research strengths.

Student Organization
  • Student Social Work/Sociology Organization
Department Facilities and Resources

Department faculty have expertise in a range of areas within specialized fields. A full complement of library resources and audiovisual materials is available to students. The department also has microcomputer hardware and software enabling faculty and students to conduct complex applied research projects involving sophisticated data analysis and statistical procedures.

Department/Program Policies
Students with an anthropology minor must earn a minimum of a 2.00 GPA in the minor. 


Students must earn at least a "C-" in any sociology course counted toward the sociology major and the sociology in liberal arts major and achieve at least a 2.50 cumulative grade point average in all sociology courses (NMU and transfer) counted toward any of these majors. Students with a sociology minor must earn a minimum of a 2.00 GPA in the minor.
Bachelor Degree Programs
Minor Programs