Liberal Studies

Liberal Studies Information for Transfer Students

Transfer students must earn a minimum total of 30 semester credits in liberal studies courses. A minimum of six semester credits each (two courses) is required for divisions I through IV. A minimum of three semester credits (one course) is required for each of divisions V and VI. All transfer courses used to meet liberal studies program requirements in divisions II through VI must be introductory or general in nature.

Students who have completed two courses in freshman English and still need partial foundation of communication credit may enroll in EN 298 College Composition Directed Study for one or two credits. Arrangements may be made by contacting the director of freshman English.

All transfer students must earn a "C" or above in the equivalents of EN 111 and EN 211.

Some majors require courses that meet specific liberal studies requirements. These courses are noted in the listings for each major. Students who have not completed these courses at their previous institution(s) are required to complete them at NMU even if they have completed the liberal studies program requirement of 30 credits. Upon request, the Admissions Office will provide a transfer guide to help students select courses. Information for transfer students, including course equivalents from many colleges and universities is available at

MACRAO Transfer Agreement

Transfer students who complete their general education requirements in Michigan community colleges under the MACRAO (Michigan Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers) Transfer Agreement usually will have met the liberal studies requirements in foundations of communication and three other divisions. Transfer students under the MACRAO Transfer Agreement ordinarily must complete two additional liberal studies courses, including at least three credit hours at the 300 level or above.

Northern Michigan University applies courses transferred under MACRAO Transfer Agreement in accordance with guidelines established by NMU faculty.