Pre-Professional Programs
Pre-professional Programs at NMU
Northern Michigan University provides pre-professional programs of study developed to prepare students with specific professional goals to meet the admission qualifications of other colleges and universities. Some professional schools require students to complete a baccalaureate degree prior to admission. In these cases students may elect to enter one of NMU’s degree programs while still receiving advising toward one of the pre-professional programs. Other professional schools require that students transfer to them to complete their baccalaureate degree. Information about each of the pre-professional programs can be obtained from the administrative and advising school or department listed below.


Program Department
Pre-Architecture School of Art and Design
Pre-Chiropractic Physics Department
Pre-Dentistry Physics Department
Pre-Engineering Physics Department
Pre-Law Political Science and Public Administration Department
Pre-Medical Physics Department
Pre-Optometry Biology Department
Pre-Pharmacy Chemistry Department
Pre-Physician Assistant Physics Department
Pre-Veterinary Medicine Biology Department


Pre-Professional Programs