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Diagnostic Genetics Major with Two Tracks

This degree offers a cytogenetics or molecular biology track. These tracks require the same course work at NMU but differ in the senior practicum. Diagnostic genetics focuses on the identification of abnormalities of chromosomes or regions of DNA associated with pathology and disease. This field is growing rapidly and is driven in part by discoveries of genes associated with inherited disorders that are reported by the human genome project, and in part by advances in biotechnology. The small-group, high-tech laboratory environments at Northern prepare students to function in clinical, research and commercial work settings. Students participate in two clinical practicum experiences—one at the sophomore level and another at the senior level. The senior practicum is conducted at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.

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Total Credits Required for Degree 126

Liberal Studies 30-40
Health Promotion Requirements 2

Required Courses in Major 58
     BI 203 Medical Microbiology (3-5 cr.) or
     BI 303 General Microbiology (5 cr.)
CLS Electives 3
Choose from the following: 
CLS Practicum* (5 weeks) 5
Choose 250T plus from the following to correspond with prerequisite courses chosen above: CLS 251, CLS 252, CLS 253, CLS 254, CLS 391 
CLS Senior Practicum (6 months) 
Choose cytogenetics practicum or molecular biology practicum below. 
Cytogenetics Practicum 16
Molecular Biology Practicum 16

Other Required Courses 36-38
     BI 201 Human Anatomy (3 cr.)
BI 404 Virology (3 cr.) or 3-4
     BI 419 Biology of Cancer (4 cr.)

*Note: Students may substitute any clinical laboratory science practicum (above 200) in place of the CLS 2XX series.

** MA 171 has a prerequisite of MA 103 or MA 104 or MA 105 or equivalent.