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Art History Major - Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science
This major is for students who especially enjoy the scholarly side of art, and can be combined with a studio-based major or minor for a well-rounded set of skills to take into the professional art world. Nothern's art history curriculum includes several courses in non-Western art, such as Japanese and Native American, which are not commonly found elsewhere. It also incudes unique courses in integrated design history and the history of craft.

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Total Credits Required for Degree 128

Liberal Studies 30-40
Health Promotion Requirements 2

Required Courses in Major 54

Major Core Courses 34

Art History Electives 20
Choose five courses from the following: 20
Note: At least two courses must be at the 300 level or above. 

General Electives 8

Art and Design Electives  4

Minor* 20

*Because it is a general requirement of the discipline, it is highly recommended that students take a foreign language (preferably French or German) through the intermediate 202 level. In order to graduate with a BA (in comparison to a BS), the student must complete the foreign language requirement. The student may minor in a language, or develop his or her skills using the general electives below. Students may also elect a studio minor in Art and Design.