Liberal Studies

Division I - Foundations of Communication

Students take two courses in this area for a minimum of six credits. The first course in foundations of communication is EN 111 College Composition I (4 credits).

Course Placement and Requirements

All students, except transfers who have satisfactorily completed the equivalent of EN 111, will have their ACT scores and high school grades reviewed for appropriate placement in EN 111 and/or learning skills courses. Some students may be required to write a placement examination.

Those students who demonstrate exceptional ability in writing may complete the foundations of communication requirement in either of two ways:

1. Students receive course credit for EN 111 by passing the appropriate AP-CEEB examinations or CLEP general test for English Composition with Essay or the appropriate international baccalaureate test, then take EN 211.

2. Students receive a waiver for EN 111 without credit, begin the foundations of communication sequence with EN 211 and complete the sequence with another approved foundations of communication elective at the 200 level or above. A list of approved alternate foundations of communication courses is available to qualified students from the English Department, the Academic and Career Advisement Center and the Registrar’s Office.

Note: Those students judged to have a deficiency in writing must achieve a grade of “C” in EN 090 Basic Composition before taking EN 111.

Students must complete one of the following courses for the second course in foundations of communication:

Students participating in the honors program will complete the foundations of communication requirement through select honors courses rather than the EN 111-EN 211 sequence.

Note: Students must have a “C” or better in EN 111 or equivalent course in order to take the second course in foundations of communication. Students must earn a “C” or better in the second course in foundations in communication.